Friday, 12 December 2014

Chettinad Palace which was built 100’s of years ago is known for its Architectural beauty. One of the most unique and finest Man made Architectural wonder is a feast to your eyes. They used Burmese Teak woods, Marble chips, Sandal woods and Limestones. The Palace still looks new and attracts millions of visitors every year during December and January. Chettinadu Narayana Vilas, one of the hotels in Chettinadu is located right next to the palace. Imagine you having a look at the hotel the entire day and night through the hotel window.

Visit Chettinad and stay at Chettinadu Narayana Vilas, the hotel in Chettinadu and rest assured, you can explore those ancient days

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S Sundar,
Food and Beverages Manager,
Chettinadu Narayana Vilas
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